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Recent content by ASHP585

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    Blasian in Edison

    I am not sure I have ever seen people high on weed to the point that they could not walk properly.... But here nor there. Weed isn't an issue for me. If she looks like the pics or better, the only other thing I need to know is what town? Lol
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    Review: Cal Ocean

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    Review: Miya @ hagnj

    Exactly. LMAO Been there, done that....I wonder if they'd take December's positive and negative PCR tests for access.....
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    Review: Miya @ hagnj

    Is this accurate? They ask for a vaccine card? Lol
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    Your Monger Number

    I have no idea. Lol. It'd be tough to even give an estimate. I've stopped watching the scoreboard and just focused on doing the things that put points on the board.
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    Erectile dysfunction in 30's

    A doctor is your best bet. But there are tons of details you an sort through on your own too. Research, because there are too many to list. Blood Pressure. How often are you relieving yourself in that manner....because I would assume rug burn is going to create some sensitivity issues...
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    Colombian, Brazilian, or Venezuelan

    What area are you looking for?
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    Truth is, if we all put rational thought above immediate pleasure, none of us would be here and there wouldn't be a market for this business. Lol
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    Indies and crypto

    Candy. Some are open to the discussion. But think about it. That hour could end up costing you 10 grand. Meanwhile, the value of the dollar is guaranteed to sink.
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    Amp surrogate

    I have no doubt that people would flock to a prego, FS provider. Lol. It's not my thing, but a lot of guys are in to it. So you never know, could be a bargaining chip!
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    Evergreen DelilahRd

    Just the typical bickering in house. I have spent a lot of time with her. The conversations easy, and she's a smart woman. I was there in November, same quality service I have come to expect. I'll be seeing her sooner then later. Just putting next weeks work schedule together and then...
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    Evergreen DelilahRd

    With Grace, it’s never a question of will it be a good visit. The question is always how good will the visit be. There are numerous, reliable guys who have said she got the job done as quick as possible and put them on the move. I’ve never had that experience with her, but I don’t doubt those...
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    Review: Blue Moon - Connie

    TR is central. It's almost not even debatable. As for the review, I have always had great massage and standard services here.
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    Evergreen DelilahRd

    Grace actually always lived in VA. Always back and forth from there. Schedule is a little crazy. But the owners are typically honest about who is available. Def not effective managing the clock though. As for Grace, she will be in town next week.
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    Review: Review - Amanda STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE

    I get the impression that there is still a little to learn as far as conduct and how to pass this information along. But let me offer you a piece of sound advice.... I am not going to sit here and say to always avoid BB anything at all costs, because I am guilty as charged. And yes, there are...